Vegan Cheesy Sauce as Good as the Real Thing, Made in St. Louis

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If you’ve frequented the Tower Grove Farmers Market in St. Louis this spring, you may have come across a pair of entrepreneurs dishing out samples of their famous vegan cashew-cheese sauce. But any skepticism the concept may incite at first glance will evaporate once you try it. Made from local startup founded by Candi Tenney and Rita Childers called Core + Rind, the brand’s signature vegan cheesy sauce and current flagship product earned them a $5,000 award from the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership last year and a burgeoning base of followers, who await with bated breath to taste the pair’s next set of tasty vegan treats.

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Both certified in the field of nutrition, Tenney and Childers spent years perfecting the recipe for their cheesy sauce before bringing it to market, inspired by the nationwide demand for vegan and vegetarian fare. And with a wave of restaurants offering diners vegetable-forward entrees, the timing couldn’t have been better. While the cheesy sauce pairs well with a variety of dishes that traditionally make use of melted cheese—like nachos and tacos—you can easily find even more creative ways to cook with it on the website’s recipe page. Tenney and Childers have developed recipes like the cheesy-cauliflower rice, cheesy broccoli, biscuits and more.

Core + Rind
St. Louis, Missouri

Images courtesy of Core + Rind.

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