Turn By David Kirkland Opens For Dinner In St. Louis

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If you’ve fallen in love with St. Louis chef David Kirkland‘s mouth-watering homemade biscuits, you’ll soon be able to enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kirkland’s signature restaurant, Turn by David Kirkland in the Grand Center Arts District, will soon be transitioning to include a dinner program on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights—as well as breakfast and lunch—slated to open March 1, 2018.

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Once you’ve tried the biscuit flight, you’ll fully be able to understand what a big deal this is. Each of the four flaky, fluffy mounds of dough has a unique flavor—all enhanced by Kirkland’s seasonal house-made jams. Another customer favorite are the biscuits and gravy, which will bring back memories for those who first tasted them at Café Osage. Either meal can be washed down with coffee, juice or something stronger, like a signature cocktail.

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While referencing the ‘turning’ seasons, the menu also hints at the second meaning of the restaurant’s name: it features a side A for breakfast and a side B for lunch, along with liner notes for the sides, referencing the trappings of vinyl records. Along with those not-so-subtle record references are the décor and even the location in the .ZACK building, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation’s multi-use arts facility. One of his neighbors also happens to be the independent Music Record Shop.

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