This Nonprofit in Michigan Works to Make Art Accessible to All

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For the New Generation Fine Arts Foundation in Canton, Michigan, making the arts accessible to all—irrespective of socioeconomic status, gender, race and other common dividing lines—is a vital part of a thriving community center. It’s an ambitious arts nonprofit serving Detroit, standing directly in the face of a status quo that would have you believe art can’t be for everyone. Serving Detroit and the city’s surrounding areas, the Foundation targets its wide variety of programming to underserved communities that would likely not have access to arts programming otherwise. Learning opportunities include studio art, dance, vocal performance and more, which support the organization’s aggressive mission.

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Photo credit: New Generation Fine Arts Foundation

New Gen also produced the upcoming event Blaqk Box 2018, which will take place July 20 and 21. Blaqk Box offers fledgling performers and artists the opportunity to take a master class with a celebrated teacher, creating opportunities for mentorship and deeper learning. Performers will also get the chance to show off their new skills at the event’s showcase, where exploring their creativity in a safe space exemplifies its multitude of benefits. These include connecting students to mentors, creating a pipeline for professional development and an environment that embodies the importance of creativity and artistic growth. In other words, they’re our heroes distilled into a Michigan-based nonprofit.

New Generation Fine Arts Foundation
43311 Joy Road Suite 240
Canton, Michigan, 48187

Cover image courtesy of David Hofmann.

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