These Gourmet Pies Will Make Your Omaha Thanksgiving Less Stressful

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While Thanksgiving itself is a blissfully simple holiday, the build-up and prep can be incredibly stressful for the host. Why go through the added trials of baking a pie from scratch when you could just as easily pick up a beautiful and delicious gourmet pie from one of these Omaha bakeries? We promise that your grandma will never know.

1/ Modern Love
You might never notice it, but this restaurant is actually a vegan establishment. In place of whipped cream on top of strawberry apple pie—which is so delightfully original and a lovely marriage between sweet and tart—Modern Love instead uses a whipped coconut cream. Ingenious and delicious.

2/ Market Basket
That picture-perfect apple pie you have in your mind? Market Basket has it: browned lattice top barely containing the abundant apple filling that is absolutely smothered in the cozy flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. Grab a pint of vanilla bean ice cream on your way home, and you’re ready for some serious post-turkey happiness.

3/ The Village Pie Maker
These pies truly taste like something out of your grandmother’s kitchen. With the company based in Nebraska, Village Pie crafts delicious treats and then makes them available to retailers throughout the Midwest.  Even though you’ll pick them up frozen, the pies bake as though you just finished rolling out the dough minutes ago — perfect for the chef who plans far ahead. From boysenberry to walnut-molasses to black cherry—and so many more old-fashioned favorites—the Village Pie Maker has you covered.

Feature photo courtesy of The Village Pie Maker via Facebook.

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