Susan Sherman Shares Why She Brings Art Into Her Home

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In our Let’s Come Together issue, we featured a powerful quote from St. Louis’ Susan Sherman, a board member for the Saint Louis Fashion Fund and a supporter of the arts. That quote came from a larger conversation we had with Sherman about a piece of art by Atlanta-based Fahamu Pecou that she purchased from projects+gallery‘s exhibition, “Haute Hip-Hop.” Catch more of that conversation below.

Photo by Attilio D'Agostino

Photo by Attilio D’Agostino

Did you have a specific room in mind when you bought this piece, or did you build a space around it after you had purchased it?
We never buy to fill a space. We buy because we are interested in the artist and his/her craft, background, storytelling capability. projects+gallery shows have been unique, a place to discover new artists and new work. It has been interesting to see how Susan and Dorte have brought fashion and art together, as well as showing fashion AS art! The installations are so very different for each show, and we appreciate that as well.

What is the value, to you, of having art in your home?
The value of having art in our home is nothing you can put a price tag on. It’s spiritual and exhilarating to live with different artworks. Sometimes a piece reminds us of a particular time in our lives, an artist’s struggle, or a reflection of the social or political issues which were taking place at the time the work was being produced. My husband’s love of Chinese contemporary is a great example of that.

How has projects+gallery’s showings affected the way and when you buy art?
We especially enjoy supporting young artists like Fahamu Pecou, who is based in Atlanta. The “Haute Hip-Hop” show brought several new artists to our attention—work we were being introduced to for the very first time. I love where the painting hangs now, in a library from an 18th century townhouse in Paris. Such a contrast—we just love how it “pops” off the beautiful old boiserie.

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