Summer Gets a Sweet Goodbye with Brick River’s Newest Cider, Sweet Lou

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In a few weeks, fall weather will have you reaching for the hot apple cider and sweaters—at least if you’re lucky. But since this is the Midwest, we all know that mid-October might bring a few days in the mid-90s, too. And that means you’ve probably still got time for a cold one.

St. Louis’ Brick River Cider Co.’s newest offering, Sweet Lou, is the perfect answer to a warm fall day in the heartland. Made with blueberry, lavender and the best apples within 400 miles—including some from founder Russ John’s family orchard—it’s a not-too-sweet treat that will make you rethink your assumptions about what hard cider has to offer to one of America’s most staunch beer towns.

“There’s a little bit of cider education that needs to happen in St. Louis,” John admits. “It’s actually made more like wine than like beer—there’s no heat in the process, no hops, all fruit.” But John’s newest creation has something for the brew and fermentation lovers alike. The Sweet Lou has the light, subtle carbonation of craft beer and the floral, fruity complexity of a Riesling, all in a clear, rose-pink package that you’d never guess packs a dangerous 5-percent alcohol punch.

The cidery released Sweet Lou on Sept. 22, and it’s on sale now at Brick River’s 2000 Washington St. location, just steps from the City Museum.

Cover image courtesy of Fischer Twins.

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