STL-based The Normal Brand Turns One

 In Style

St. Louis-based clothing company The Normal Brand is happily celebrating its one-year anniversary. While only a year ago founder Jimmy Sansone had only five hats and a basement, his company has now expanded to more than 200 individual products—from men’s buttons-downs and polos to leather backpacks—and a $500,000 revenue. And it was all thanks to his greatest support system—his family.


Photo courtesy of The Normal Brand

“Not overstating it at all—my family is the reason this is an actual company. They supported me 100 percent from day one. They’ve been involved in every single stage and work with me on it now. Without them, this company would be a pile of shirts in a basement,” Sansone explains.

This month, The Normal Brand launched its new spring line, the Crystal Lake Collection, inspired by weekends at the lake and are debuting their fall 2016 line at shows across the country, anticipating partnerships with multiple new retailers. It’s safe to say that the brand is far from where it was a year ago and is sure to get bigger (and better!) this year. Happy anniversary, The Normal Brand!

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