St. Louis Jewelry Designer Joya Now Carried at National Department Stores

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It’s an exciting development for St. Louis jewelry designer Joya, whose stylings you can now find lining the jewelry displays of luxury retail giant Nordstrom. Co-founded by Betsy Blancett-Nacrelli, each piece is handmade in the tradition of ancient techniques that have been used for centuries. The Fall 2018 collection is a no-holds-barred exploration of beauty and adventure, made apparent with a 47-second short film featuring a Thelma and Louise-esque road-trip adventure theme.

The brand’s earrings are undoubtedly a standout of the collection, which capitalize on the current tassle trend with pieces made from a rich variety of materials and sumptuous colors, like deep maroon, navy and olive green. Blancett-Nacrelli sources materials from all over the world, traveling to destinations like Europe, India and Indonesia to work with material vendors.

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You’ll find the fruits of her labor at Nordstrom’s selection, where shoppers can pick up a pair of the Roman drop earrings held together with hammered brass, a statement fringe necklace, dainty rings, elegant wrap necklaces, bracelets and more, showcasing the natural beauty of metals and stones.

Pro tip: the brand is also carried at one of our favorite shopping spots, Civil Alchemy, in Webster Groves.

All images courtesy of Collections by Joya.

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