OSO: A Style Lab Makes a Statement in the Delmar Loop

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Each item—from designer clothes to greeting cards to piggy banks—has a story and makes a statement. Owners Chris Rubin de la Borbolla and Jen Rieger can share them all. The greeting cards? Sourced so hyper-locally that their creator can walk over to deliver new stock. A Bathing Ape? A Tokyo-based brand that’s popular online but rarely seen in St. Louis stores. JumpFromPaper? Only 10 to 15 brick- and-mortal stores sell bags and wallets from this company out of Taipei. Supreme? The Manhattan clothing line doesn’t do wholesale, but OSO stocks it anyway because the owners like its hip-hop-punk-skater aesthetic.

OSO: A Style Lab Makes a Statement in the Delmar Loop

Shopping at OSO is a very tactile experience: ultra-soft organic-cotton t-shirts from Groceries Apparel; cuddly llamas shipped from Peru by Partners for Just Trade; smooth, supple bracelets that Urban Lace in Portland makes from bicycle inner tubes; beeswax and coconut candles from Boy Smells out of Los Angeles; a locally made leather body harness; imported Italian porcelain crowns.

The owners also run a separate print and digital design business, but they sometimes invite clients into OSO for a 360-degree feel for what a project’s vibe could be like. “Our goal is to do for fashion and design what’s been done for craft beer and food in St. Louis,” says Rubin de la Borbolla. By intertwining local and international product lines that speak to them, OSO’s owners are helping us realize what their vision might look like.

OSO: A Style Lab Makes a Statement in the Delmar Loop

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Photography courtesy of Carmen Troesser.

See all of these beautiful locations profiled in our recent print edition of GUIDED: Delmar Loop, available now online or at these locations.

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