Meet the Bag that Will Never Slow You Down: The Little Zoe from Lux & Nyx

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Good fashion tells the world who you are. Great fashion tells the world who you are and helps you do all the things that make you amazing—if only by making it a little easier to kick off your heels and sprint through the airport to catch a flight.

At least that’s what Lisa Hu believes. Before she founded St. Louis-based handbag company Lux & Nyx, she was the successful finance director of a multinational company who struggled to find knockout fashion that wouldn’t slow her down. Hence, Lux & Nyx’s newest handbag, the Little Zoe, may be its most jet-set-ready creation yet.

A tidy size just big enough to fit your laptop, the Little Zoe is a mythically light, stylish backpack that can start as your night-out survival kit and morph into your go-to travel bag when you need to strap your carry-on to your Rollaboard and run. There’s a compartment for your heels when you want to switch to flats, an umbrella strap to get you through a rainy day (believe it or not, the sumptuous leather of the Little Zoe is actually a weather-resistant, cruelty-free Freedom Fiber), and a detachable front clutch if you want to stash your larger items in your office and pop out for a coffee. And did we mention it’s beautiful?

Lux & Nyx bags are already in the hands of celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Emily Blunt and Tina Fey, thanks to being one of the goodies handed out at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards, but you can be among the first consumers to snag the Little Zoe, available March 1 on its website.

Images courtesy of Lux & Nyx.

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