Letter From the Editor: Issue 2 March/April 2017

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Resilience is a funny thing. We all experience times when we fall so low or lose so much that we think no amount of optimism can bring us back. But we also know that we have the opportunity to meet our true heroism in those moments. When we are no longer able to survive in one mindset, we evolve into another. We resolve to change and adapt. We all have our own story of resilience, and while rereading the stories in this issue it struck me that all of our chosen subjects possess hardy resolve in the face of challenges.

At age 20, artist Mariam Paré was shot in the back of the neck and left a quadriplegic, which forced her to transform in order to continue her art career. Illinois-native Lauren Ash couldn’t find a place for wellness and self-care dedicated to black females, so she started her own in Chicago. Chef David Kirkland worked for years to hone his unique culinary style before opening his inspired new restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. Maintaining an independent art career is a challenge in and of itself, and it has been an inspiration to observe studio artists Emily Reinhardt and Lauren Michelle Tracy achieve this goal—especially after reading their compelling stories and learning about the rocky roads they’ve traveled. From all of these folks we can learn that showing up and doing the work in the face of any odds is what success really looks like.

Nashville-based architect Manuel Zeitlin thrives with a strong belief in revitalization through resilient design, which has made him one of the most intriguing architects in the Middle of America. ALIVE associate editor Jorie Jacobi sat down with Zeitlin to understand the mind of a true visionary.

I doubt there’s a brand that better exemplifies resilience in the history of American industry than Carhartt. Writer Dan Michel and photographer Attilio D’Agostino traveled to Detroit, Michigan and their sewing facility in Irvine, Kentucky to take a look inside the world of this hardworking brand with creative director Brian Bennett.

If this is a time when you are questioning your strength or are not quite sure of your next move, take solace in these stories. The daffodils will push up from the frozen ground again, the chorus will always come around and resilient artists will continue to change the world.


Rachel Brandt

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