How To Keep Your Drawers And Dressers Organized

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“Out of sight, out of mind” is a common motto when it comes to storage spaces in your home that are behind closed drawers. But clearing up the clutter in your dressers will not only make you feel better, it will stop the pattern of collecting unnecessary things that will ultimately pile up until your next purge. Here are a few tips to break the cluttering cycle and stay organized.

1/ Roll clothing with details facing out so you can see your stash and create more space in your drawers.

2/ Divide and conquer by using dividers from a craft store to separate items within your drawers.

3/ Store jewelry items and small accessories in small vintage dishes you can pick up at the thrift store. Use wooden silverware dividers for necklaces and larger pieces.

4/ Remove anything that’s too bulky. Roll sweatshirts and store in a basket or on a small shelf.

5/ Store, sell, or donate anything that hasn’t been worn in a year. Chances are it won’t be worn this next year either!

Featured photo by Michal Kulesza.

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