Hop Water from Urban Chestnut Brewing Company to Hit Shelves This Summer

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Hop water—the latest of many trending sparkling beverages—is exactly as it sounds: a drink with all the flavor of hops and none of the alcohol. The drink has been popping up as a new release from some the nation’s best breweries, and now Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, St. Louis’ own, has announced their own brew.

The drink is unsweetened, naturally calorie-free and contains no alcohol. All of its flavor comes from hops, beer’s favorite flower, which adds the bitter, floral, fruity and citric flavors and scents that are so familiar in the adult beverage. The process of creating hop water omits the addition of grain, sugar and yeast, all of which are essential components to brewing beer.

Hops are the flower of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus) and have been utilized for medicinal purposes since medieval times, as their health benefits are surprisingly broad. Many of these are attributed to compounds found in the plant’s flowers, including flavonoids and the essential oils humulene and lupulone. Some herbalists and researchers report that hops have anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, can improve blood circulation and may even help prevent certain diseases. UCBC’s brewers are also experimenting with new flavors and natural ingredients such as ginseng and CBD.

The sparkling beverage has grown in popularity since brands like H2OPS and big-name breweries such as Lagunitas began offering the drink to the public in their taprooms as well as bottled versions. However, bandwagon beer connoisseurs weren’t the pioneers of the beverage. Hop water has been the drink of choice for brewers who work with beer all day and want to enjoy the flavor without the high ABV.

Urban Chestnut’s Sparkling Hop Water is slated to hit the shelves this summer and will be offered in four-packs of 16 oz. cans in stores where water and soda are sold. And be sure to ask about it in the brewer’s taprooms in The Grove and Midtown.

Featured image courtesy of Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

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