Holliday: Relaxation Awaits at Bowood Farms’ New CWE Store

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Located across the street from Bowood Farms, the longtime Central West End garden shop, is its latest venture, Holliday. While the new retail location—which opened in October 2018—offers the same feeling of tranquility as its predecessor, it is much more compact and quaint, specializing in décor, housewares, clothing, jewelry, gifts and more for those looking for unique items to add to their home or wardrobe.

We spoke with the buyer for Bowood Farms and the puppet master behind Holliday’s operations, Katherine McPheeters, about the familial inspiration behind the new store, its offerings and plans for the coming seasons.

How did you choose the name for your newest location?
Holliday is a family name. Our great-grandmother was Ida Holliday, and Holliday is my middle name. Ida and her husband, Charles Bascom, lived in the Central West End. They bought Bowood Farms—our farm in Clarksville, Missouri, where our business started and where we still grow many of our plants—in the ’30s. The name has a connection back to our business, all while being a bit open-ended and fun. I didn’t want the name to evoke a specific product; I wanted it to be more about a mood and lifestyle.

Holliday: A New Store by Bowood Farms Offers an Array of Sustainable Goods

When did Bowood Farms open, and how is this retail store different than the original gift shop?
Our father started Bowood Farms in the ’80s as a wholesale plant business. We opened our store in the Central West End in 2006. There were always gifts as part of the original store, and what we have sold has evolved a lot in the last 12 years. I wanted to add more soft goods—linens, clothing, pillows—which weren’t conducive to an open environment surrounded by plants. I love the space Bowood occupies, but we were ready for a change for both locations. Holliday is a much more relaxing, calming atmosphere, where I feel our goods are at home. And I think you can get a better sense of how to live with these items in your own home. Bowood has a different energy—especially on the weekends when there is a wait at [our on-site eatery] Cafe Osage—which we want to keep exploring.

How has Holliday been received thus far among customers new and old?
Really well! People have discovered us and more will soon. I’m excited for spring. We put a lot into rehabbing the building and designing the space. I think it shows and people “get it.” And one thing I’m really excited about is the landscape. We have some beds around Bowood which we plant, but the beds around Holliday are bigger and more intentional. It’s pretty simple, but I think it bridges the gap between our two businesses and highlights our idea at Bowood of how to bring plants into your yard and home. Now that we are open and settled, I’m excited to keep pushing what we are doing at both shops.

Holliday: A New Store by Bowood Farms Offers an Array of Sustainable Goods

What are some of your goals going forward with Holliday and Bowood?
Our goals for Holliday are to keep finding product we love and that I know our customers will love. We’re also excited to start selling online and really push ourselves and the brand. For Bowood, we just launched a new website that is the landing page for all of our businesses. We really want to get our plants and containers online too and start offering local delivery.

All images courtesy of Claire Bira at Imageclairity.

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