Five Wonderful Things You’ll Notice at Mauhaus, St. Louis’ First Cat Cafe

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There are few pairings more comforting on a cold day than coffee and cat cuddles. Fortunately, even those who don’t have cats at home now have a place to play with feline friends. Mauhaus Cat Cafe opens in the Maplewood neighborhood of St. Louis on November 12, and visitors can start booking reservations now. To prepare you for your first cat cafe experience, here are five things you can expect to see at Mauhaus:

1/ Adoptable cats
Mauhaus has partnered with
Tenth Life — a St. Louis cat rescue organization — to foster all of the cats in the cafe. This means that if you fall in love with any of the cafe’s other residents, you can adopt them. “They are such an incredible organization that really puts a lot of love and care into what they do,” says Mauhaus co-owner Dana Huth. Visitors who want to adopt will be able to do so through Tenth Life. Huth says the organization is also helping the cafe to “determine which cats would have the best temperament for the space” to make sure every feline at the cafe feels safe and happy.

2/ A few sensible rules
“Before you can enter the lounge you’ll need to read the rules and sign a waiver. The rules are pretty simple,” Huth says. This is, after all, a cafe populated with roaming, curious cats. Petting the cats is fair game, but grabbing, chasing or picking them up are off limits. If you are a novice cat friend, staff members are more than willing to teach you the fine art of petting and playing with the residents.

A cat says hello at Mauhaus in St. Louis

This is one of the friends you’ll meet at Mauhaus Cat Cafe. | Photos courtesy of Mauhaus.

3/ Unique menu items
Visitors will enter through the cafe side, where all of the food preparation is done. Then, they can take their baked goods and drinks into the lounge side with the cats. The menu is anything but catatonic, Huth says. “We wanted every part of this experience to be unique and fun, so we knew we wanted to showcase items that you may not find at most cafes.” Special takes on international snacks like arepas, samosas, and cicchetti dominate the savory side of the menu, while traditional pastries and house-made “Pop Arts” offer diners something sweeter. As a bonus, your $10 reservation deposit will go towards your cafe order.

4/ Cat-friendly play spaces
Huth says that her team knew that the cafe design would be influenced by mid-century, Mondrian design, while being careful to avoid the feeling of being in a shelter. “The custom elements in the space are my favorite,” Huth says, “We’ve got a huge floor-to-ceiling cat tree in the middle of the space that connects to catwalks around the perimeter of the room.” Huth credits the contractor and architects for creating custom furniture that is as comfortable for humans as it is interesting for the cats. Shy cats can escape to cat-only hiding spaces in the space for some alone time.

5/ St. Louis support
Mauhaus’ successes started early — a
Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $15,000 ended up bringing in $36,147 for the cat cafe. “Doing the Kickstarter was a great proof of concept for us,” Huth explains. She says St. Louis is full of residents who care about cats, which helped them raise the necessary funds and build excitement around the concept. Since they surpassed the Kickstarter goal, the Mauhaus team was able to add special touches, like a viewing window from the cafe side and the central cat tree.

If the reservation book is any indicator, St. Louis is already embracing its first (and only) cat cafe. RSVP for Mauhaus here.

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