Five Must-Do Mustache Moves For Movember

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This November, men around the world are sporting newfound facial hair as they take part in Movember. Since 2004, the Movember Foundation has been inspiring men to grow mustaches in the month of November as a means of raising awareness to the various cancers surrounding men’s health. Whether you’re able to sport a full-on beard or little more than a two-day stubble, there’s a style that’s bound to suit you.

1/ The Tom Selleck
For those desiring an extra dose of gravitas, paying homage to the ‘80s television and silver screen icon is an infallible, transformative move that can vastly change your look. And, to boot, it’s rather simple to achieve if you’ve got the necessary dark hair. Comb down and trim to the lip to keep it looking clean.

2/ The Dali
Masquerading as a miniature coat rack, the Dali mustache hearkens back to traditional Hungarian stylings with its narrowness and seemingly gravity-defying end points. The secret to keeping the look in place? Pomade.

3/ The Gosling
For a more subtle approach, the Gosling mustache is for you. How to achieve it? Simply go a week or two without shaving. Your friends will feel as if something about your appearance has changed, but they’ll never know. It’s the perfect under-the-radar Movember move.

4/ The Walrus
Preferring natural-yet-maintained growth to other hyper-stylized variations, the Walrus is a low-maintenance ‘stache that’s perfect for any attempt in channeling Wilfred Brimley, as long as you’ve got the follicle growth.

5/ The 5 O’clock Shadow
Yes, it counts! For those not blessed with abundant facial hair growth, this is the easiest ticket to raising men’s health awareness issues during Movember. The best part? No one can say you’re not participating.


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