Five Essential Fall Wardrobe Staples For The Contemporary Man

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The fall equinox is in the rear-view mirror, and we’re reaching the sweet spot of the autumnal season — chilly enough to enjoy cozy layers without temperatures dropping too low. Below, check out the fashionable wardrobe staples that will take stylish men through the coming months and into the new year.

1/ Gray Sweatshirt
This versatile piece can be used for layering or worn on its own as part of a clean, polished, smart-casual look. Combine with denim and sneakers for a timeless-yet-contemporary look with synergy.

Fall Outfit Grid #2

2/ Dark Denim
Aim for minimalism. Avoid unnecessary detailing, embroidery or branding to maximize versatility. While light-wash denim is perfect for the spring and summer months, fall color palettes shift over to darker blues and blacks.

3/ Color-Neutral Sneaker
Colors such as white and gray are neutral enough to where they add to the synergy of an outfit rather than becoming a statement piece themselves. Versatile, minimal and everything that fall footwear should be, the all-white sneaker is the grail of smart sneakers. Dress down with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, or dress up with a navy suit.

4/ Bomber Jacket
When it comes to outerwear, a man has many different options for the fall months. Bomber jackets, moto jackets, denim jackets, chore coats and Harrington jackets are all popular fall-weather outerwear choices amongst men, though 2016 seems to be the year of the bomber jacket. Effortlessly cool and prime for experimentation.


Fall Outfit Grid #1


5/ Button-down Shirt
The oxford button-down shirt is a staple in both smart-casual and professional attire. Combine with jeans—or even joggers, if you’re feeling experimental—for a casual look, with chinos for a business casual look, or under a blazer for a more polished, put-together look. A blue oxford is traditionally essential of the contemporary man’s wardrobe, but obtaining colors such as white and gray will never be regrettable.


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