Dozens Of Eco-Friendly Designs Walked The Runway At The Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala

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On Saturday, the annual Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala welcomed 18 of St. Louis area designers to compete for a cash prize with the creation of garments constructed from trash bags, Duck tape and recycled materials.

Photos by Christopher Williams.

Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala runway

With hundreds of fashion and Salvation Army fans in attendance, the designers showcased an impressive selection of Eco-friendly garments. Barbara Bultman nabbed the top prize of $500, while fellow Lindenwood alum Alexis Cook was awarded second place, earning a $250 cash prize.

Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala

Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala runway

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_80

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_83

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_86

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_88

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_92

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_104

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_113

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_117

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_124

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_126

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_128

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_131

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_137

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_35

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_44

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_43

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_37

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_36

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_67

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_66

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_61

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_59

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_53

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_47

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_45

Garbage Bag Gala_ChrisWIlliams_7-16-16_69


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