A Look Inside Baiku Sushi Lounge in Midtown Saint Louis

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Chef Eliott Harris and restaurateur Brad Beracha worked together for years before opening Baiku Sushi Lounge in Midtown. They’d headed up Miso, the Clayton sushi staple, before kicking off Baiku in 2014. Four years later, the sleek and modern sushi lounge is an extension of the duo’s creative synergy, brought about by decades of collective expertise in the restaurant industry. Visit Baiku on a bustling evening around dinnertime and enjoy plate after plate of sushi in a variety of colors and styles that resemble edible terrariums. What guests don’t see are the chefs hard at work crafting each roll, sashimi dish or entree platter.

Baiku Sushi Saint Louis GUIDED ALIVE

While Baiku has classic menu favorites like miso soup, shrimp tempura and California rolls, the proprietors showcase their creativity on the “Specialty Rolls” section of the menu. There, you’ll find items like the Serpent—made with shrimp tempura, cucumber, eel, avocado and sweet soy reduction—or the hi ROLL—made with salmon, crab asparagus, kaiware sprouts, shiso and truffled yuzu mayo. Consider a scroll through the restaurant’s Instagram feed, where you’ll find delectable plated shots and the occasional photo unabashedly captioned, “This is how we roll.”

Baiku Sushi ALIVE GUIDED Saint Louis


Baiku Sushi Saint Louis ALIVE GUIDED

This story originally appeared in GUIDED: Saint Louis Exploring Midtown. Read the full issue.
Photography by Carmen Troesser.


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