4 Products That Give You An Instant Summer Glow

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For a flattering summer glow, try these four products that will instantly brighten your complexion just in time for the build-up of your fabulous summer tan:

Photo courtesy of Skin

Photo courtesy of Skin Fetish 003

1/ Prtty Peaushun (pronounced Potion) is a revolutionary product that contains subtle light-reflecting particles that create a gorgeous glow. It comes in a range of shades—plain, light, medium, dark and deep dark—and you can even use one of the darker colors to cheat a tan while with the all-natural ingredients highlight the tones of your face and hair. The best part? The makers ensure that the blend of natural plant extracts lift, firm, tighten and diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins as well as minimizing bruising and sore muscles.

2/ Hourglass Ambient Light Palette is a soft-focus finishing powder that creates a flattering light on any skin tone. The reflecting properties minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores and wrinkles creating more of a sun-kissed golden beige effect.

3/ Skin Fetish 003 is the skin highlighting product that “broke the Internet” and is now available at Sephora. Created by makeup genius Pat McGrath, this magical package comes with a buffer brush, pigment, and highlighting stick + balm duo, allowing you to create many combinations. The result is a natural glow and an ethereal, out-of-this-world luminosity.

4/ Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Gel locks in moisture to help revitalize dry and dull-looking skin. This product photographs beautifully and as a client once described, it adds  “instant muscles.” It is probably the least solvent of the four and you do want to watch out for it on clothing. However, I have never had any problems washing it out of clothes.

Kat Hinkle has worked in the professional hair and makeup industry for ten years. After graduating from Cosmetology School, she spent four years working for MAC and six years in affiliation with top agencies such as Factor Artists in Chicago and ABTP in New York City. Kat’s clients include Nigel Barker, Sports Illustrated, and The Duchess of York to name a few. Her passion for the industry has only grown over the years. She is equally happy creating beauty for her individual clients as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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