4 Hands Is Giving Us Something We’ve All Been Wanting

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With its charitable attitude and delicious brews, 4 Hands Brewing Company is one of our top places to head to after work or on the weekend. Thankfully for us, the brewery is opening a new event and tasting room for us to host parties, eat great food and drink delicious brews with friends and family. We sat down with 4 Hands to discuss the new space and find out five reasons why you should check out the location.


Photo by R.J. Hartbeck

1/ In the space, there are gorgeous custom furniture and artwork from local artists, as well as upcycled elements that create a unique, comfortable atmosphere within the large space. Set your glass on and relax in pieces by Mwanzi Co., Goebel & Co. Furniture and Peat “Eyes” Wolleager. The local pieces enhance the space, like the original dock door used as 4 Hands’ community table and ceiling tiles used for the base of the bar.

2/ If you’ve been hunting for a rare type of beer, the new space has a cellar list with multiple rare offerings. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask someone at 4 Hands to recommend you a drink, and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

3/ While hanging out with friends and family in the space, enjoy free video games and skee ball. See if any of your friends are up to the challenge of competing against you in the arcade games.

4/ The new 4 Hands space will have serving tanks that will give you the opportunity to drink beer directly from tank to glass. 

5/ One of our favorite features? If you’ve always been interested in what barrel aging looks like, there is a great view of 4 Hands Brewing Company’s wild barrel aging program from the space. Get a first-hand look at the aging process all while enjoying the finished result.

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