3 New Seasonal Beers To Take Along To Holiday Parties

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Schlafly Beer is taking the chill out of the winter air by introducing new specialty brews with their Stout Bout Variety Pack, a collection of assorted flavors which debuted last year with such great success that they brought it back with three exclusive new drinks. Together these limited edition beers offer the perfect holiday tonic for beer lovers.

Since their inception in 1991, keeping it local has been a cornerstone for Schlafly, whose Coffee Stout celebrates their two-decade relationship with Kaldi’s Coffee. Each bottle of slow-roasted goodness mixes traditional English stout with premium French Roast coffee, resulting in an award-winning flavor that is unforgettable. Milk does a body good with the sublimely smooth and rich Vanilla Milk Stout, an exclusive beverage carefully aged on vanilla beans to give it a balanced sweetness that is lightly hoppy and mildly bitter. Another newbie, the Toasted Coconut Stout, perfectly captures the tastes and scent of toasted coconut, adding a subtle sugariness through the addition of coconut chunks. A fiesta in every glass, the decadent Mexican Chocolate Stout brims with chocolate and cinnamon flavors born from the distinctive joy of Mexican Hot Chocolate.



At a time when everything that is old is new again, Schlafly is bringing back one of its most lauded releases from last winter, the laid-back White Lager, a German-style Zwicklebier that offers an unfiltered twist on traditional lagers. Stylistically a throwback to the Middle Ages, it comes with a noticeably hazy, golden hue, abetted by a hint of orange zest, a silky finish and a strong malt backbone comprised of Europils and wheat. The end result presents the drinker with a smooth and zesty full-flavored beer.

Both the Stout Bout Variety Pack and White Lager represent Schlafly’s ongoing foray into crafting experimental limited-edition beers with natural ingredients. Each of the concoctions were developed as part of the brewery’s Small Brews program at the Schlafly Bottleworks location on a 20-gallon Pilotworks system.


“Through our Small Brews program, we experiment with a recipe and try out different variations until we feel that we have a winner. We then test the beers out on our consumers either in our brewpubs or at our signature events. For example, White Lager first debuted at our HOP in the City Festival, whereas these stouts were part of a tasting sampler at our Stout & Oyster Festival in March. Great feedback cues the potential for a larger market roll-out,” Ambassador Brewer Stephen Hale explained.


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