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Mar 01, 2013

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The Expert Beauty Guide

St. Louis' top experts solve all your beauty woes.
Story: Jennifer Wells
Photos: Carmen Troesser

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The Issue: Sun Damage and Aging
The Go-To Solution: Forever Young BBL™
The Expert: Anne Strate, BSN, RN, Renaissance Plastic Surgery & R medical spa, 145 St. Peters Centre Blvd., St. Peters, 636.896.0600

The Lowdown: While science might not have been a favorite subject in school, most women would gladly don a lab coat if it meant finding a way to replicate youthful skin—but thankfully we don’t have to. R medical spa offers a groundbreaking IPL treatment called Forever Young BBL™ that has been shown to effectively revert skin cells to a younger stage. Anne Strate, BSN, RN, who trained directly under the masterminds of this revolutionary science, says the updated technology and technique has resulted in faster and more dramatic results. Just five 15-minute sessions, plus minimal maintenance, is all it takes to virtually stop the clock on aging.

The Issue: Mean Lines
The Go-To Solution: Juvéderm
The Expert: Dr. Kenneth Rotskoff, The Face Company, 1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 450, Richmond Heights, 314.335.7761

The Lowdown: The Hollywood go-to for lip enhancement, loss of volume, deep lines and even stubborn nasolabial folds, this smooth gel filler is applied by injection, with results that last approximately nine months. Dr. Kenneth Rotskoff, a graduate of Washington University Schools of Dentistry and Medicine and a specialist in oral maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic surgery, says the results are immediate. Plus, Juvéderm contains an anesthetic, which instantly makes for a less painful procedure than in years past.

The Issue: Wrinkles
The Go-To Solution: Fraxel
The Expert: Dr. Brock Ridenour, Ridenour Plastic Surgery and Professional Skin Care, 12460 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, 314.878.8600

The Lowdown: Fraxel is a laser treatment used for facial rejuvenation that works by targeting a pattern of tiny dots while sparing the surrounding tissue—resulting in quicker healing time with less risk of complication when compared to traditional resurfacing lasers. Dr. Brock Ridenour is equipped with both the Fraxel Dual Laser—which treats age spots, fine lines and textural flaws—as well as Fraxel Re:Pair, the newest Fraxel technology that delivers dramatic results in just one treatment.

The Issue: Dry Skin
The Go-To Solution: Liquid Reviver Facial
The Expert: Jodi Miller, Spa Manager and Aesthetician, Studio Branca, 12627 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, 314.469.1222

The Lowdown: According to 19-year beauty veteran Jodi Miller, “It’s all about the vitamins.” After indulging in Studio Branca’s decadent facial prep, which includes Clarason cleansing, a steam and a scalp massage, you’ll be treated to a luxurious vitamin-packed facial. The stars of the show are vitamins C and E, known for their hydrating and anti-aging properties, but the main attraction is undoubtedly SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic—a miraculous antioxidant treatment that has won countless awards, including three coveted “Best of Beauty, Editor’s Choice” titles from Allure Magazine. Miller says of the Liquid Reviver Facial, “You’ll leave with plump, moist, hydrated skin.” Most importantly, “Even if you’ve neglected your skin for years, it’s never too late to start an effective beauty regimen.”

Body Beautiful

The Issue: Stubborn Pooch
The Go-To Solution: Mini Tummy Tuck
The Expert: Dr. William Hart, Hart Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Institute, 621 S. New Ballas Road, Ste. 676 A, Creve Coeur, 314.251.6250

The Lowdown: A less invasive, less complicated procedure than a full tummy tuck with less time spent on the table, a mini tummy tuck has many advantages—including a shorter recovery period and a less obvious scar. The only caveat: the mini is usually reserved for those with issues strictly below the belly button, but the results are still quite remarkable. The recovery time for Dr. William Hart’s patients (who rigorously follow all post-op instructions) is usually less than 10 days, and the scar is generally small enough to be hidden under a bikini bottom.

The Issue: Thick Thighs
The Go-To Solution: Tickle Lipo
The Expert: Dr. Richard Moore, MD, The Lifestyle Center, 7642 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, 314.863.5556

The Lowdown: It’s the tickling sensation patients experience that gives Tickle Lipo its gentle sounding name, and the fact that it’s a minimally invasive, one- to two-hour procedure makes it even less intimidating—particulary when compared to other, more aggressive fat removal options. Benefits of Tickle Lipo include affordability, quick recovery and permanent fat removal. At The Lifestyle Center, Tickle Lipo is performed by Medical Director Dr. Richard Moore, who is a national speaker in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures.

The Issue: Unsightly Veins
The Go-To Solution: Sclerotherapy or Laser Treatments
The Expert: Dr. Norman Bein, MD, FACS, RVT Vein Specialties, 11456 Olive Blvd., Ste. 200, Creve Coeur, 314.993.8233

The Lowdown: There are many different treatment options for both varicose and spider veins, and Dr. Norman Bein, who has over 40 years of experience as a surgeon, often uses ultrasonography to determine the best course of treatment. If sclerotherapy (the treatment of varicose veins by injection) is in order, you can usually expect three to five sessions—although this often varies by patient. For smaller surface veins, simple laser treatments might also be an option.

The Issue: Stretch Marks
The Go-To Solution: Laser Treatment
The Expert: Dr. Mark Blumenthal, The Vein Center and CosMed, 12360 Manchester Road, Des Peres, 314.966.6100

The Lowdown: Dr. Mark Blumenthal, a board certified general and peripheral vascular surgeon, has been performing stretch mark treatments for years. The Vein Center and CosMed has multiple lasers to treat stretch marks, but quite often it only takes one type of laser to see results. After just one treatment, the doctor can usually tell whether you’re a good candidate for stretch mark removal. Dr. Blumenthal treats stretch marks on nearly any part of the body, and is able to treat both new stretch marks and older white ones with varying degrees of improvement with each treatment.

On the Red Carpet

You glow, girl!
Hollywood’s freshest faces are letting their natural beauty do the talking and opting for products that lend a subtle illumination and a “lit from within” glow. Even Kristen Stewart, who’s known for her slightly edgy makeup choices, has been all about being feminine lately. When playing with the look, think sheen—not shine— and choose only your best feature to take centerstage.

Hair Affair

The Issue: Fine Hair
The Go-To Solution: Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
The Expert: Katie Wiesehan, Stylist, Illusions Color Spa, 4579 Chestnut Park Plaza, Oakville, 314.845.0118

The Lowdown: Whether you’re craving Rapunzelinspired length, or just want to thicken up hopelessly fine hair, cold fusion hair extensions are your solution. Stylist Katie Wiesehan says that unlike damaging heat or glue hair extensions from years past, cold fusion extensions cause absolutely no breakage, and are truly the wave of the future. In fact, many of the stylists at Illusions use them regularly. Although the initial process is a bit time consuming (about three hours for a full head), the results are well worth a few hours in the chair.

The Issue: Frizzy Hair
The Go-To Solution: Keratin Complex Treatments
The Expert: Shannon Hames, Salon Joli & Spa, 333 Ozark Trail Drive, Ste. 20, Ellisville, 636.386.5654

The Lowdown: At $300 a pop, the Keratin Complex treatment isn’t cheap, but Shannon Hames, who has had extensive training in the process, says the results are well worth it. For three hours, you’ll be treated to dual shampoos, product application and a blow dry, followed by an extensive flat ironing session—a rigorous process indeed. So, what’s your reward for being so patient? Smooth, manageable and frizz-free hair worthy of a Pantene commercial.

The Issue: Styling Woes 
The Go-To Solution: The Hollywood Glam Blowout
The Expert: Steven Markuson, Blown Away Blow Dry Bar, 8815 Ladue Road, Clayton, 314.932.1116

The Lowdown: You know that fabulous hair that all of Hollywood seems to have—stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Greene and Selena Gomez? They certainly weren’t born with those luscious locks—and more often than not, they owe a great deal of credit to a good blowout. Here in St. Louis, we have our own version of the Hollywood Glam Squad, and they can give you one of six signature blowouts starting at $30. “This Hollywood Glam Blowout is all about a more glamorous version of you,” says stylist Steven Markuson. “Finding the right products for your hair type and picking the right amount of volume to flatter your face shape.”

The Issue: Lackluster Tresses
The Go-To Solution: INOA Hair Color
The Expert: Joshua Nichols, Owner, KINK Salon, 14 N. Meramec Road, Clayton, 314.721.KINK

The Lowdown: INOA, an ammonia-free hair color, is available in a wide array of vibrant colors, and has all of the conditioning properties of a semi-permanent color with the staying power of a permanent. Joshua Nichols, owner of KINK Salon, says the oil base in INOA not only imparts more shine than traditional colors, but also lasts longer. The application is pretty much the same as any other hair color, but there is undoubtedly one distinct difference— INOA is odor-free, and perfect for those with sensitive sniffers or ammonia allergies.

Inner Glow

The Issue: Excess Stress
The Go-To Solution: Restorative Yoga
The Expert: Stacy Fidler, Studio Manager, Yoga Six, 5724 Oakland Ave., St. Louis, 314.802.7447

The Lowdown: Yoga Alliance certified instructor Stacy Fidler says the benefits of a regular yoga practice are endless. “A lot of people start a yoga regimen for the physical benefits and to look good in their clothes, but when they realize what it does for their mental well-being, they’re hooked,” Fidler says. “Yoga helps calm the natural stress response throughout the body, including the nervous system.” Her favorite antidote to a long, stressful day is Restorative Yoga, which is chock full of gentle moves like the supported child’s pose and supported bound angle pose. “It’s so completely relaxing and comforting—you kind of feel like you’re a baby being nurtured,” she says.

The Issue: Mentally Frazzled
The Go-To Solution: Self-Guided Meditation
The Expert: Linda Wiggen Kraft, The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, 7649 Delmar Blvd., University City, 314.725.6767

The Lowdown: Linda Wiggen Kraft, who has been teaching the art of meditation for over three decades, suggests giving yourself permission to take a short break each and every day. Just a few minutes of deep, comfortable breaths—with no electronics—will make a difference in both your attitude and your appearance. During your mini meditation session, Kraft recommends focusing on breathing in vitality and relaxation, and breathing out tension and anxiety. Kraft teaches one-on-one meditation classes in both mantra mediation (repeating or focusing on a word or phrase) and guided meditation (Kraft will verbally lead you into a relaxed state)—both great options for those who prefer a partner in the healing journey of meditation.

The Issue: Zero Energy
The Go-To Solution: Ten Week Metabolism Makeover
The Expert: Emily Rich, RD, LD, HFS, Nutriformance, 10407 Clayton Road, Frontenac, 314.432.6103

The Lowdown: There are many culprits for lack of energy—including a slow metabolism— and if you’ve been an avid yo-yo dieter, you’re especially at risk. Emily Rich, a registered dietician with Nutriformance, says the Ten Week Metabolism Makeover starts by measuring your metabolic rate with a number of tests; from there, Rich can tell you exactly what to eat—and when to eat it—taking you from sluggish to supercharged. The 10-week program also has an educational component to it, so once your time is up, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle your day with the energy and knowledge you’ll need to keep the momentum going.

On the Runway

Bright Eyes
The smoky look has taken a turn for the colorful as spring runways saw a multitude of bold, bright eyes in a plethora of shocking, near-neon colors. At Donna Karan, makeup artists were “thinking pink” as magenta was the color-du-jour on both lashes and lids. At Michael Kors and Christian Dior, it was all about electric blue. Dior artists opted for a dramatic crystal embellished eye, while at Kors, a minimal swipe of bright blue was all it took to make the models’ eyes pop.

General Maintenance

The Issue: Nails With No Polish
The Go-To Solution: The Signature Manicure
The Expert: Lisa Laws, Nail Technician, Four Seasons Spa and Salon, 999 N. 2nd St., Downtown, 314.881.5800

The Lowdown: Keeping your nails healthy and pretty never felt so good. Lisa Laws, who has been working as a nail tech since 1985, says the Signature Manicure at Four Seasons Spa and Salon is all about adding a little luxury to your standard beauty regimen. Not only do you get a classic manicure, but also a hydrating hand mask, wrapped in warm towels, followed by an oil treatment and hand massage. While you’re there, you just might be tempted to try the variety of other beauty and relaxation services offered at this luxurious spa.

The Issue: Bikini Season Is Coming
The Go-To Solution: Laser Hair Removal
The Expert: Julia Jansma, Owner, Infinity Laser, 141. Meramec Ave., Ste. 317, Clayton, 314.862.1000

The Lowdown: The Diode Laser is still the go-to technology for hair removal, but its speed and efficiency have greatly improved. Julia Jansma, owner of Infinity Laser for over 11 years, says her latest lasers are virtually pain-free and three times faster than the original ones. Smaller areas take only minutes now, and treating larger areas is much more convenient than in years past. Jansma advises individuals who are considering laser hair removal to avoid tanning, waxing and tweezing for four to six weeks prior to their first appointment for the safest, most effective session possible.

The Issue: Unruly Brows
The Go-To Solution: Eyebrow Threading
The Expert: Remsha Baig, Threader, Exquisite Threading, Saint Louis Galleria, 314.862.1800

The Lowdown: Remsha Baig has tamed the unruliest of brows, and she says opting for threading over waxing or tweezing results in a more beautiful, defined brow line. The cost is minimal ($12 for brows), and the process is less traumatic for sensitive skin than using hot wax. Threading, which has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, is used mostly for the face—including the chin, upper lip and forehead. Baig believes most clients have converted to threading over more traditional methods of hair removal because the results are both smoother and longer lasting.

The Issue: Skimpy Lashes
The Go-To Solution: Eyelash Extensions
The Expert: Christina Passanise, Christina Studios, 7751 Carondelet Ave., Clayton, 636.346.3383

The Lowdown: If you’ve ever dreamt of having long, sweeping lashes worthy of a high-fashion runway model, you’re in luck. Now you can defy your genes with the application of lengthening, glamorous eyelash extensions. Christina Passanise says about 80 percent of her spa clientele have become eyelash extension enthusiasts. The process, which consists of applying silk lashes to each individual lash, takes about 30 to 45 minutes and lasts about two to three weeks before a touch-up is necessary. We simply love the instant gratification factor—and the new look.

At the Counter

The Issue: Powerless Pout
The Go-To Product: Chanel Ultra Correction Lift for Lips available at Saks Fifth Avenue, 1 Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9200
The Expert: Robert Williamson, Cosmetic & Fragrance Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue

The Lowdown: Robert Williamson has had his share of illustrious run-ins in the beauty industry—helping to launch Tom Ford’s first fragrance and working events with Tim Gunn are just a few examples. His pick for skimpy lips is Chanel’s Ultra Correction Lift for Lips. “I love Chanel because they’re consistently leaders in research and development,” he says. “The Fermete technology in this product works wonders by gently smoothing and exfoliating, resulting in lips with a plump, youthful appearance.” Williamson recommends using the product either under makeup, or applying before bedtime.

The Issue: Barely-There Lashes
The Go-To Product: Diorshow Black Out Mascara available at Neiman Marcus, 100 Plaza Frontenac, 314.567.9811
The Expert: Alison Jo Silvagnoli, Freelance Makeup Artist for Christian Dior, alisonjomakeupartistry.com

The Lowdown: As a makeup artist who has worked countless runway shows, fashion editorials and even a few music videos, Alison Jo Silvagnoli knows a good product when she sees one. “Diorshow Black Out is the ultimate in high-pigment mascara; it’s five times blacker than the original Diorshow,” Silvagnoli says. And with A-listers like Natalie Portman, Amber Heard and Kerry Washington as devotees, Diorshow Black Out is also a go-to for the ultra-discerning red carpet types. To get the most out of your mascara, Silvagnoli recommends starting at the very base of your lashes and sweeping up in a straight line, allowing for multiple coats and giving the lashes a plumped, clump-free appearance.

The Issue: Over-Plucked Brows
The Go-To Solution: Tami Scott Brow Duo available at Tami Scott Studio, 2027 S. 11th St., Soulard, 314.346.8834
The Expert: Tami Scott, Tami Scott Cosmetics

The Lowdown: Owning her own cosmetics line gives Tami Scott major makeup cred, but seeing her own amazingly sculpted brows makes you a believer. Her Brow Duo, which is one part wax, one part powder, not only adds color, but also much-needed texture to sparse brows. Scott says when choosing colors, play it safe and opt for a color one shade lighter than your current hair color, and keep in mind the idea is to fill in—not darken.

The Issue: Pasty Pallor
The Go-To Solution: Mineral Gemstone Bronzer
The Expert: Kimberly Palmier, Founder and Executive Director, The Face Company, 1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 450, Richmond Heights, 314.335.7761

The Lowdown: The slight shimmer and multiple hues make this bronzer look more natural than one flat color, and the geometric pattern is very on-trend. Kimberly Palmier, who is both a makeup artist and founder of The Face Company, says she couldn’t be more excited to introduce the new line of exclusive skincare and cosmetics to the St. Louis area. The Face Company also offers spa and clinical services.

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