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Nov 01, 2012

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Gobble, Gobble

Vegan-friendly holiday fare goes way beyond Tofurkey.
Story: Amy De La Hunt
Photos: Carmen Troesser

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In your quest to convince the family that dishes without meat, dairy or other animal products can be just as rich as turkey and gravy this Thanksgiving, a visual aid will come in handy. One glimpse of these two vegan charcuterie platters from Whole Foods Market–Galleria in Brentwood, and Grandma might just elevate you from bringing the raw veggies and dip (the holiday culinary equivalent of the kids’ table). The only thing missing is turkey’s nap- inducing tryptophan.


1 / TABBOULEH, a Middle Eastern salad of bulgur, tomatoes, cucumber, mint and parsley, is so tasty that nobody will mind breaking out the silverware.  
2 / HAND-ROLLED DOLMAS are simple to make—just roll grape leaves around
a filling of rice, onions, dill and mint, and tuck in the ends. Bonus: their glossy texture ups the “wow” factor.
3 / The chickpeas in FALAFEL add protein. Frying adds the crave-satisfying richness.
4 / EGGPLANT'S neutral flavors get a boost from peppery arugula and a creamy tofu-spinach-basil-tahini filling.
5 / After a quick turn on the grill, CAJUN-SPICED PITA TRIANGLES add a rewarding crunch.
6 / Roasting caramelizes ARTICHOKE HEARTS and further softens their tender leaves.
7 / Chickpeas prove their versatility in HUMMUS, a perfect scoopable companion for the pita.
8 / Without pasteurization, Whole Foods’ traditionally CURED OLIVES have brighter fall hues and fresher flavors.


Roasted Veggies

1/ The grassy flavor of ASPARAGUS is intensified with high-heat roasting, adding a spring-like counterpoint to the harvest table.
2 / Counter those calorie-laden mashed potatoes (the ones made with cream cheese, butter and cream) with bite-sized ROASTED FINGERLING POTATOES.
3 / Orange root vegetables usually make their holiday appearance as yams coated in sugary sauce and topped with marshmallows, but ROASTED CARROTS’ sweet appeal is in their simplicity.
4 / Roasting PEPPERS adds smokiness and intensifies their sweetness. As a bonus, they make an encore appearance here as a flavorful ingredient in the hummus.
5 / People who think they don’t like onions will be surprised by what a bit of caramelization does for SLICED RED ONIONS and WHOLE GREEN ONIONS, especially when served with crusty bread and a bit of Dijon mustard.
6 / ZUCCHINI and SUMMER SQUASH, sliced, lightly roasted and rolled, add a flower-like visual appeal.


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